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Awesome Help

Help with your layout, free or paid.

Need some help? Why not make it awesome!
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All Members , Moderated

This community is dedicated to helping livejournal members with their layouts so they can make them awesome as possible. We give tips, suggestions, and override help to give your layout the snazzy look that you always wanted. It was started by naturalrhythm on December 8th, 2003.

I began this community to help those who wanted to make their layout awesome but didn't have the coding knowledge necessary for a good layout. I am an active member and moderator at awesome_layouts. At this community advice and ratings are given to those who want to be accepted and to have their journal labeled awesome. But this didn't seem like enough. People were clueless, sometimes not even knowing how to put a background on a simple generator layout.

Well here that can all be solved. As soon as we get a good group of members this layout should be up and running just as smoothly as its partner, awesome_layouts.

How It Works
1. If you have a problem, question, etc. concerning a layout you are trying to manipulate, simply make a post. You can do this by going to Update ... [the full mode] to write out your entry. After you have joined the community, a selection will be added to the drop-down box Journal to post in. It will say 'awesome_help'. This is the one you select to post in. Thus it will appear on the community for other members to view.

2. Other members will post in your entry to answer your question, lend help with overrides, or give any tips that they think will help you with your layout.

3. Take their advice and voi la! You're on the right track to creating the layout of your dreams. Not a bad system, eh?
*Make sure you put whether you are paid or free in your entry or subject so that our mods and other members will know how to help you. It also a good idea to put what style you're in {i.e. generator}.


First off, rules are very important on this community. It's important to follow all the rules because if you don't havoc will start and the community's authority will crumble. LJ drama is not appreciated. This term, if you don't know what it means, can be defined as the inappropriate behavior that lj users will be tempted to exhibit. You see, it's easy to type something when not saying it face to face. You can say whatever you want! Well...not here. Freedom of speech all the way- but. There are boundaries. And these boundaries will only do good for you. These boundaries are also know as the {dun dun dunnn} rules.

Do not dilaberately insult or attack another member. It doesn't matter why you want to do it or what has happpened between you in the past, it cannot be justified. End of story.

Please only make posts about layout. Layout concerns overrides, coding, effects, special links to help with this, and the like. Things like graphics and backgrounds are good for other special communities, but not this one.

If you want to promote your community, please take it down to community_promo, but not here. It gets crowded enough on these communities. And believe it or not people do go to community_promo. If your community helps with overrides and layout please e-mail me at muziccrazy@aol.com and perhaps I'll put an ad in our userinfo and you can become an affiliate. That's fine. But if your comm is BSBforever [example] take it on down to CPs.

If you're x-posting, also known as cross-posting, please say so in your entry. It's just polite. Cross-posting is when you post the same exact entry in another community or your own journal.

Free Account Moderator

Paid Account Moderators

Free Image Servers:
01. 250Free
02. Tripod
03. UploadIt
04. AngelFire
05. Online Rock
06. DomainDLX
07. 1ASPHost
08. WebPost
09. PhotoBucket.com
10. VillagePhotos.com

Lots of layout love, your maintainers,
naturalrhythm & kashmirdreamer

Contact Info
Name: Annie
Username: naturalrhythm
Position: owner/maintainer
E-mail: muziccrazy@aol.com
AIM: APerformerr

Name: Nita
Username: pig
Position: Paid Account Mod
E-mail: shimmering@livejournal.com
AIM: enchantedentity

Name: Nora
Username: kashmirdreamer
Position: Maintainer
E-mail: kashmirdreamer@livejournal.com
AIM: kashmirdreamer